Stress : How to Care for You

From Calmful Back to School, courtesy of Natural Vitality

When it comes to kids' health, it's also as important as anything for you to care for yourself in the busy school season. Read these self-care tips from Laura Berman Fortgang, life coach and author of Living Your Best Life (Putnam, 2002) to promote some self-TLC.

Be present.

Multitasking is the great thief of being present. We can actually enjoy life more if we can be more in the moment, more present. Example: When chopping an onion, feel the sting in your eyes; when your child is telling you a story about his day, just listen. We have to make these proactive decisions to be present. Simply turning off a TV blaring in the background can create calm.

Take transition time.

Honor the need for adjustment time between activities so you don't get overwhelmed. Transition time can mean one more lap around the block in the car to listen to a favorite song before going home, or a special time after dinner to regroup.

Put yourself first.

Whether it's yoga, time with friends or going to see a movie, whatever makes a better you, you should not feel guilty about doing.

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