Women's Health : Simple Pleasure

Take time for tea. It is liquid wisdom, a simple process that promotes well-being by centering, balancing, and nurturing us. Tea soothes, creates a reflective mood, and an escape from stress. Making time for tea will draw you to the present, away from the past and the future.

Taking tea can be personal, or a sharing with others. Tea stimulates conversation when shared with others, yet it complements quiet solitude, reading, and studying as well. Good tea invites a tranquil mood and is a joy in any season, rain or shine. It warms us when its cold outside, and cools us when its hot. It soothes and centers our spirit.

A most important part of making time for tea is in the choosing of a quality tea. A tea with energy that is suitable for being helpful to us. Making teatime a routine part of your life is wise with the finest quality, most satisfying tea that can be found, organic EDEN Tea. "Bread and water so easily become toast and tea," they said.
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